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Fazal Mahmood Ali is DAAD scholarship holder

Fazal Mahmood Ali completed his Bachelor degree in 2013. After two years in profession, he decided to take up a Masters degree programme. He is one of the DAAD scholarship holders for the PELP degree programme.


This Masters degree programme is aimed at German and international graduates (bachelor or equivalent) of a course featuring an academic orientation in politics, law, business and economics, constitutional and administrative sciences, who wish to acquire research and practical skills in the interdisciplinary field of political science.

For the Masters Degree in Public Economics, Law and Politics, you must bring a proven minimum of 60 CP from relevant modules from the following subjects: law, politics or economics or from an interdisciplinary combination of these three disciplines.


The Masters Degree in Public Economics, Law and Politics provides a science-based, interdisciplinary and problem-oriented academic training in the field of political science. The aim is to familiarize students with theories, approaches and methods, as well as central empirical findings on the current state of scientific research. Thus, it imparts the ability to design, implement, and reflect on independent research projects. Students are also trained to handle complex practical issues and problems at the interface between politics, business and law from an academic point of view. As well as providing policy advice, this prepares them for managerial positions in administrative, national and international organizations.

In addition to entering into active employment, the possibility also exists of further development the direction, for example, of a PhD. The professorial chairs involved in the course of study carry out numerous projects in that vein. Qualified students have the opportunity, thanks to the “Doctoral Track”, to attend modules of the doctoral programme in the third semester already.


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