IT for the start of your studies

The Media and Information Centre (MIZ) welcomes you to the Leuphana University Lüneburg! On this page we inform you about the most important IT services of the MIZ.

For more information, contact persons and step-by-step instructions on how to get started with the most important services, we also recommend that you take a look at our brochure "The IT Services of Leuphana".

Further information for first-year students on library services can be found here:


Leuphana account

Your Leuphana account will be assigned upon your enrolment. You will receive the user name (starting with lg...) and an initial password with your enrolment documents, which you can use to activate your account in our self-service portal ( The Leuphana account is used for authentication for most IT services of the MIZ (see below).

myStudy account (College and Graduate School only)

myStudy is the online portal for your studies. Here you can manage your timetable, register for courses and communicate with your teachers. In the near future, you will be able to use your Leuphana account (see above) for myStudy. Until the changeover, you use a myStudy-specific account which you can set up directly on the website ( You need access to your Leuphana email address to verify the account, so after activating your Leuphana account, first familiarise yourself with the use of your email address and then set up your myStudy account. You also log into the Moodle learning platform ( with the login details of your myStudy account.

Library account

To obtain a user card and a library account, you first register online ( and then appear in person at the library service desk to get your card. This ID is also called the Leuphana Card. You can further use it to pay in the cafeteria, to pay for printouts or to borrow equipment from the media lending service. The number of the Leuphana Card (311...) is the user name of your library account, your 6-digit date of birth is the password.

You will receive your Leuphana Card during the Opening Week from your Opening Week Tutor. If you need the card beforehand or were not present during the Opening Week, you will alternatively receive the Leuphana Card when you register in the library. If you are studying for a Master's degree, you will also receive the card when you register in the library. The card is issued against a deposit of € 10.00.

Systems, tools and infrastructure


 Why do I need it? AccountLinksSupport
Account Self-serviceChanging your Leuphana account password, activation of servicesLeuphana account

URL Account Service

Further Information 

Instructions (Intranet)* 

WifiWireless internet access in the buildingsLeuphana accountInstructions (Intranet)* 

VPNAccess to the protected university network from the internetLeuphana account


Further Information

Instructions (Intranet)* 


College and Graduate School only

Portal for studying and teaching, timetable, teaching materials, etc.
myStudy account (in the near future Leuphana account)

URL myStudy


MoodleE-learning platform for the College and Graduate SchoolmyStudy account (in the near future Leuphana account)

URL Moodle


QISRegistration for assessments, assessment resultsLeuphana account


Further Information 
Leuphana CardPayment (cafeteria, library, equipment lending, printing), library cardWithout an accountFurther 
E-MailE-mail address for all matters related to your studiesLeuphana account (if necessary with own password)

URL E-Mail

Instructions (Intranet)* 

Rocket.ChatInstant messaging for desktop and mobile devicesLeuphana account

URL Rocket.Chat

Instructions (Intranet)* 

LUXSearch for academic literature, manage your library account, your loans, interlibrary loans and much moreLibrary account


Further Information 

Printing servicePrinting with the Leuphana CardLeuphana account

Instructions (Intranet)* 

Data storageStorage and sharing of filesLeuphana accountInstructions (Intranet)* 

Other services Without an accountInstructions (Intranet)* 


* The marked websites are only accessible via the Leuphana intranet. You can reach the intranet from the university network or via VPN.

Information & support for study-related questions


Student ServiceSemester fees and charges, student administration, examination administrationWebsite
Info PortalInitial information on studiesWebsite
Deans of StudiesResponsibility for the organisation and implementation of studies and teaching

Website Dean of Studies, Education (in German)

Website Dean of Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences

Website Dean of Studies, Sustainability

Website Dean of Studies, Management and Technology

Website Dean of Studies, Public Affairs

SchoolsResponsibility for the interdisciplinary parts of the study programme, academic advising

Website College

Website Graduate School

Website Study Counselling Service


Brochure "The IT Services of Leuphana"

In this brochure, you will find step-by-step information on how to use the IT services at Leuphana as well as all addresses and contact persons in case of problems.