How to set up a course reserve

1. Persons entitled to submit an application
All the University’s teaching staff is entitled to make an application.

2. Number of books
Up to 30 books can be assigned as a course reserve. Please to not check out the books you will be needing for your course reserve, or put holds on them.

3. Applications
To set up course reserves, please use the application form. Please make sure to fill out the form completely and sent it as attachment to the following e-mail address:

4. Dates
In order to ensure that all of the the requested books are available when semester starts, please submit the application no later than 6 weeks before the semester starts. Specific deadlines will be announced in due time via our homepage and by e-mail.

Past the cut-off date, it is still possible to apply for a course reserve, but we cannot guarantee that it will be readily available at the beginning of the semester. You can also request additional items to be put in your existing course reserve at any later date. The course reserves remain in place for the duration of one semester. Its expiration date will also be published via our home page and per e-mail. The list of course reserves expires at the end of the semester or at the end of the examination period. An extension can be granted by informal application.

5. Entry in the library catalogue
All items in the course reserves are searchable in our catalogue.  We will also provide a list of course reserves and the titles that they contain.

6. Classification
The books are classified as reference holdings and cannot checked out. 

7. Contents
Journals, inter library loans, rare and old prints as well as television recordings cannot be not included course reserves. If e-books are available, they will be given priority.
Private media can also be incorporated, but the University Library accepts no liability for loss or damage. Documents to be photocopied can be uploaded to myStudy, as long as they meet the requirements of applicable copyright laws. Click here for the legal notice on copyright. Alternatively, it is possible to provide the library with folders containing documents to copy .

8. New acquisitions
Titles not available at the library can be suggested for purchase via the library's Acquisitions Department. Furthermore, you can order up to 5 titles via myStudy.
Please note the author and title of this media on the application form; please enter "ordered" in the signature column.

9. Long-term reference works loans
In special cases, long-term reference works loans can also be set up on request. This literature is available for more than one semester.

List of course reserves

Click here for an overview of all course reserves.


If you need support or have questions, you can turn to:
Alexandra Ehm (Phone 04131/677-1148)
Melanie Rick (Phone 04131/677-1142)