Online Open Day for prospective students

2020-11-12 Leuphana College offers a broadly based and academically challenging bachelor's programme that deliberately goes beyond the boundaries of a specialised study programme. Assistance in choosing a course of study is available on Friday, 20 November 2020 from 12.00pm – 5.00pm. Due to the Corona Pandemic, the Open Day will be held online this year.

Johanna Engelhardt informed herself at the Open Day before starting her studies at Leuphana: "I deliberately took my time when deciding on my studies and visited many universities. It was because of the College degree model that I came to Leuphana. In my major, I follow a straight path, but thanks to the minor, Complementary Studies, and Leuphana Semester, I can also look left and right.” Born in Rügen, she is studying the Cultural Studies major with the advanced modules  Communication and Organisation and has chosen Educational Science as her minor subject. 

Anyone considering taking up a degree programme quickly faces a lot of questions: Which degree programmes are offered? How does the application process work? What exactly are major, minor and complementary studies? The Bachelor Info Day on 20 November will provide an overview with live lectures, you have the opportunity to talk to students, and the student advisory service offers an open Zoom room. 

Jannis Köster attended the Open Day three years ago. The then 19-year-old got a taste of several lectures. He found Environmental Sciences exciting. Cultural Studies appealed to him. But he listened especially carefully to the introduction of the Studium Individuale. "'You decide!', said the lecturer, referring to the free decision, which is top priority in this study programme," recalls Jannis Köster. He has just completed his studies and his path at Leuphana is not yet at an end: the student also wants to complete his master's at Leuphana.

Munich-based Alicia White did not take her decision lightly, either, she informed herself intensively and then applied three years ago exclusively to Leuphana: "I was and still am convinced that my decision was right," says the student of the Environmental Science major. Alicia White chose Business Administration as her minor, and a Psychology profile in the Complementary Studies. "Thanks to the College degree model and the many options, I can bring my interests to bear here.“