Economics: Dominica Gutiérrez - Mexican biscuits

2023-05-24 The Mexican is in her second semester at Leuphana. Through online counselling, the 20-year-old has found the right degree programme for her. Interested students can find out more about the Bachelor's degree programmes at Leuphana on 2 June 2023.

Dominica Hernandez ©Leuphana
"The world can only become more sustainable if we also change our economic system," says Dominica Gutiérrez.

Mexico City. It smells like cinnamon stars, gingerbread and kipferl. "My mother used to bake German Christmas biscuits with me during Advent," Dominica Gutiérrez remembers. She is in her second semester at Leuphana College studying Economics. The programme can be performed entirely in English, but the Mexican could have chosen any other degree programme at the University of Lüneburg: Dominica Gutiérrez speaks German without an accent. "My grandmother emigrated from Germany to Mexico when I was young and my mother always spoke German with me at home and also kept up traditions like Christmas baking or singing German children's songs."

After completing her IB Diploma at a Swiss school in Mexico City, Dominica Gutiérrez grew the desire to study in Germany, as she also has a German passport: "I was wavering between sustainability sciences and economics." The 20-year-old applied to various universities and finally decided on Leuphana: "Here I can combine both programmes." In the major she studies Economics, in the minor Sustainability Sciences with a focus on Ecological Restoration. "If I had stayed in Mexico, I probably would have studied marine biology. That's why I'm happy that I can also focus on natural sciences at Leuphana. Economics and Sustainability Science fit together very well in terms of content. The world can only become more sustainable if we also change our economic system," says Dominica Gutiérrez. In her complementary studies, she is working on the energy transition in the EU: "A field trip to Brussels is planned."

In Mexico, sustainability is not yet as big an issue as it is in Germany: "That's another reason why I wanted to study in Germany. I want to make a positive difference in the world." Dominica Gutiérrez found out about studying at Leuphana through various channels: "I was able to talk to a student and professor at the Bachelor Info Day and ask questions about my desired subjects. That was very helpful."

Arriving in Europe, there were still surprises: "In Germany, many things are different from Mexico. The weather is much worse. But I like the good public transport. In Mexico, many people usually cover all their distances by car. Here I can take the bus or train. I also found a flat share with very nice German girls right away. That was really lucky," says Dominica Gutiérrez.