Available study places at Leuphana College

For study start in October 2021

Bachelor Economics (B.Sc.)

Do you follow reports and debates on economic topics with enthusiasm? In Bachelor Economics you will gain a better understanding of economics, politics, business strategies and human behaviour with regard to economic aspects such as economic growth, inflation, consumption, labour and production. You will learn to use statistical methods and computer programs to analyse data and make evidence-based decisions to improve people's well-being.

StudyCheck: 100% recommendation

  •  lots of interesting and valuable content
  •  Great study group sizes
  •  Professors easy to contact
  •  Small study programme with a great learning atmosphere
  •  The start of the programme is made easier by students from higher semesters

Source: StudyCHECK.de

Conditions of participation

Do you meet the admission requirements for the Bachelor's programme at Leuphana College? Then take part in the lottery procedure in the Economics Major by 30 September 2021 and receive one of the last available places in this Bachelor's programme.

Take part in the lottery now*

*Information on extracurricular achievements does not have to be provided, as the free places are allocated by drawing lots.


Initial Information

Information Office (Infoportal)
Building 8, ground floor
Universitätsallee 1, 21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2277
Opening hours
Term time & term break:
Mon - Thu 9 - 16 h
Fr 9 - 12 h