Opening week 2021: NEW DEAL - What will the global society of tomorrow look like?

2021-10-01 On 7 October, around 1400 young people will begin their studies at Leuphana University Lüneburg. During the traditional opening week, the new students will reflect on opportunities and risks of tomorrow's global society. In 99 project groups, they will explore, among other things, what a democratic response to climate change might look like, how care work can be reallocated and what role social movements play. Renowned guests from politics, academia and social practice will support the students as guest speakers and sources of inspiration. Maja Göpel, transformation researcher and co-founder of Scientists4Future, will start off the opening week on Thursday, 7 October in Leuphana's Libeskind Auditorium.

How about drafting a new social contract on the major issues of our time? Pandemic traumata are accelerating multiple crises and require new ideas for tomorrow. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ventured out of the Great Depression in the 1930s with the NEW DEAL and large-scale social and economic reforms. Would the post-Corona era be ripe for a new deal? One that gives political priority to social justice and sustainable development and embraces the challenges of the data society and the future of democracy? And who would agree on the NEW DEAL - governments or citizens?

In addition to Maja Göpel, guest speakers at the opening week include Francesca Bria, President of the Italian Innovation Fund and Ambassador to the United Nations (UN-Habitat) on digital cities and digital rights, Nari Kahle, author of the book "Mobility on the Move" (“Mobilität in Bewegung”), energy economist and head of the DIW research institute Claudia Kemfert, journalist Grace Blakeley (Tribune), and Bernd Ulrich from the editorial board of the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT.

In order to grant our new students the greatest possible presence while at the same time preventing infection, the 2021 opening week will be a hybrid event: The project work will take place in groups with a maximum of 13 people on campus, while the presentations of guests and speakers will be broadcast digitally via livestream.

During the entire opening week, the 3G rules will apply.

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