Deutschlandstipendium: Jana Zimmerningkat - "I want to be part of politics"

2022-04-04 Jana Zimmerningkat is studying political science and sustainability at Leuphana College. The Deutschlandstipendium enables her to get involved in politics while studying and also to establish a network.

Jana Zimmerningkat ©Tom Wetzel
"I want to be part of politics and be able to participate because I think there are a lot of perspectives needed that still aren't there right now", says the 23-year-old politics student.

Jana Zimmerningkat became aware of the scholarship opportunity through an acquaintance. Shortly thereafter, the 23-year-old then applied for the Deutschlandstipendium herself - and was accepted as one of 13 Leuphana students. "I think many people don't even expect that they would actually receive a scholarship. There are so many opportunities for funding, and I think many more students should try it," says the politics student. What she particularly appreciates about the Deutschlandstipendium is the local connection, since the funding comes from the federal government as well as from local companies and foundations. In addition to the financial support, the politics student is especially happy about the networking opportunities the scholarship gives her. Her sponsor - Studio Hamburg Serienwerft GmbH / Rote Rosen - is planning a factory visit for all scholarship holders in the near future.

The fact that she is being supported by the well-known media production company in Lüneburg suits her particularly well. Before her studies, she trained as a media clerk at the Hamburger Abendblatt. During this time, she already used her know-how in the media sector on a voluntary basis: At Unicef in Hamburg, she designed informational articles in the social media team and drew attention to social justice issues, especially children's rights and child protection. Today, she is involved as a member of the Grüne Jugend in Lüneburg, where she is also particularly passionate about the subjects of social justice, sustainability and feminism.

Since October 2020, the trained media clerk has been studying political science and sustainability science at Leuphana College. Getting involved in politics, creating perspectives, bringing about change: Jana Zimmerningkat chose her studies out of personal conviction. "I think many people are not aware of how much politics actually relates to their own lives. I want to be part of politics and be able to participate because I think there are a lot of perspectives needed that still aren't there right now." According to the student, the fact that she grew up in a non-academic household and with a single mother also provided the impetus to become politicized.

She says the study program has exceeded her expectations, "It's even more diverse than I imagined. I like the combination with my minor in sustainability science. This possibility was also one of the crucial points for me why I decided to study at Leuphana." Above all, she said, Germany's political system and the development of the new right have piqued her interest. "In my view, right-wing populism is currently one of the greatest dangers to democracy. To be able to counteract this phenomenon, you have to understand it." After graduation, Jana would like to pursue a master's degree to choose a focus and deepen her knowledge.

Jana Zimmerningkat is sponsored by Studio Hamburg / Rote Rosen:

Studio Hamburg Serienwerft GmbH is a film production company that has been based in Lüneburg since 2014. The ARD daily novella "Rote Rosen" has been produced here since 2006. Monday through Friday from 2:10 p.m., the beautiful Hanseatic city is the hub of the popular TV series. The cityscape of Lüneburg, with its well-known gabled buildings, serves as a backdrop and has become home to the characters. With around 150 employees, Studio Hamburg Serienwerft is one of the most important employers in the Hanseatic city.

Production manager Kai Pegel emphasizes: "We at Rote Rosen support the Deutschlandstipendium because education is close to our hearts. Young people - for whom it might not have been possible without support - are given the opportunity to work scientifically. We want to invest in the future and create new opportunities. In addition, we are proud of the diverse range of educational opportunities that Lüneburg offers young people. We want to promote that."