General information

During the conference week, there will be an Awareness Team available. The team is there for you in case you need to talk or require support, whether due to negative experiences or a general sense of overwhelm. Additionally, a retreat space has been set up to which the team can direct you. You can reach the Awareness Team in person in the foyer of the central building, via phone 04131 677- 4072 or via email: Rest assured that the team treats all shared information confidentially.


What exactly does awareness work mean and how is it implemented?

Awareness - in our terms - stands for mindfulness or perception. An awareness concept aims to strengthen mindfulness for respectful interaction and create an awareness of power dynamics and inequalities in society.

Awareness work consists of two parts: prevention and crisis intervention.
Prevention is the preparatory work with the goal of preventing the need for crisis intervention altogether. For the Conference Week this prevention entails the Code of Conduct.

Crisis intervention means providing support for individuals in situations of boundary violation or general discomfort.

"Room of Silence"

If you need a place to rest without supervision, you can visit the "Room of Silence". If you want to focus on your individual resilience, you will find impulses here on how to deal with challenging situations on a personal level and strengthen your self-efficacy. The room is located on the 3rd floor of the Central Building and is directly accessible via the elevator in the foyer, opposite the auditorium. Please respect the "Room of Silence" as a place of rest, contemplation and prayer.

Prevention, Reflection and Support Services

The Leuphana Conference Week strives to be a violence-free and safer space. However, we are aware that there are no fully violence-free or safe spaces - we can only do our best to make spaces as violence-free and safe as possible. Central to our efforts is prevention, acknowledging unequal power relations and the existence of inequalities in society. Even just reading these lines should encourage people to examine these issues and their own role, as well as make their own behavior more reflected and, in the best case, more discrimination-free.

The Organization Team and Awareness Team of the Conference Week is committed to ensuring that all forms of discrimination, such as sexism, racism, ableism, homo- and transphobia have no place in our society and at our university. With all means available to us, we are committed to minimizing these forms of discrimination.

Further aims are the thoughtfulness within the university community, but also beyond it. Therefore, we all want to try to keep the following points in mind as we act and speak. Not all people can be categorized into binary gender roles. If you are unsure, simply ask how someone would like to be addressed. Not all people find it easy to express themselves in groups with strangers. We all want to try to ensure that as many perspectives as possible are heard during this Conference Week and to create an open space for exchange.

If you experience violations or assaults during the Conference Week, please inform the Awareness Team. The team is here to help with any concerns you may have. So please don't be afraid to contact us by phone or email or approach us personally in the foyer.