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UNESCO Chair in Higher Education for Sustainable Development

Leuphana University holds the UNESCO Chair in Higher Education for Sustainable Development. The establishment of the UNESCO Chair at Leuphana has been essential in positioning Leuphana University as a leading university for Sustainability Science at a global level. The UNESCO Chair is a key contributor to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the quality in education, finding ways of responsible consumption and production and addressing climate action, as well as binding partnerships on national and international levels.

The Leuphana Bachelor's "Responsibility Module" was developed by the UNESCO Chair at Leuphana and was previously held by Prof. Gerd Michelsen and Prof. Daniel Lang. Currently Prof. Daniel Fischer holds the UNESCO Chair and keeps on developing its role by building bridges between the academic world, civil society and local communities.

UNESCO Chair-Events at the Conference Week 2024

Panel Discussion on Multilateralism in Times of Global Polycrises: Problem or Solution?

28 February 2024 from 10:30 to 12.00 a.m., Lecture Hall 3

Pressing challenges and their potential solutions do not stop at national borders but require international collaboration. But are our current systems of multilaterlism up to the task? What role can multilateralism play, and how can it be more effectively utilized to accelerate sustainable transformation? In this panel discussion, Jelena Baeumler, Mark Manns, and Marlen Meissner will discuss the role of multilateralism, its significance, and pitfalls amidst ever-increasing complexities and rapid transformations being witnessed in present times. The panelists contribute different perspectives: Jelena Baeumler will speak to the role of academia and international law; Mark Manns will bring insights from the work of UNESCO, and Marlen Meissner will discuss the bridging perspective from the national/regional level of the German Commission for UNESCO. The panel is facilitated by Daniel Fischer, who holds the UNESCO Chair in Higher Education for Sustainable Development at Leuphana. Members of the audience are invited to participate in the discussion.

UNESCO Chair ceremony on “Becoming a Sustainable University: Journey of the UNESCO Chair at Leuphana” and Felicitation of Prof. Gerd Michelsen

28 February 2024, 15:30 to 18:00, C40. 704

This is a special event of the Conference Week marked to recognize the contribution made by Gerd Michelsen in building and positioning Leuphana's leading role in the field of Sustainability Science. In the panel discussion, Mark Manns talks about perspectives of UNESCO and about the international contribution of the Chair, while Marlen Meissner discusses the perspectives from German UNESCO Commission. Daniel Lang will offer his insights from the perspective of transdisciplinary research and learning. To venture a look into the future, the current Chairholder Daniel Fischer will offer an outlook on his contribution and goals ahead.