Bachelor degree programmes

Leuphana Bachelor / Teacher Training Courses

Studying at Leuphana College means much more than just gaining a Bachelor degree. You should also be someone who wants to understand different ways of thinking, take different perspectives and consistently subject your personal point of view to critical questioning.

Studying Leuphana Bachelor

With its variety of possible major/minor combinations, the Leuphana Bachelor allows you to integrate different areas of interest and challenges you to actively configure your degree. With the minor, you can deepen your major or complement it with another field of study. The choice is yours.

Choose a major

Business Administration (GER)
Business Information Systems (GER)
Cultural Studies (GER)
Digital Media (ENG)
Economics (GER)
Engineering (GER)
Environmental Sciences (GER)
Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ENG)
International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship (ENG)
Law (Corporate & Business Law) (GER)
Political Science (GER)
Psychology (Principles) (ENG)
Studium Individuale (ENG)

Find your minor

Business Administration (GER)
Business Psychology (GER)
Corporate and Business Law (GER)
Digital Business (GER)
Digital Media / Information Technology & Culture (GER)
Economics (GER / ENG)
Educational Sciences (GER)
Engineering (Advanced) (GER)
Engineering (Fundamentals) (GER)
Philosophy (GER / ENG)
Political Science (GER / ENG)
Popular Music Studies (ENG)
Psychology and Society (ENG)
Social Media and Information Systems (GER)
Spatial Sciences (GER / ENG)
Sustainability Science (GER / ENG)

Teacher Training Courses


Teaching and Learning (GER)

Social Education (GER)


Business Education (GER)

Language of instruction

GER German-language course (German required)

Events for prospective students

Leuphana College LIVE

From May 15th onwards, you will be able to get an overview of the Bachelor programmes as well as the application and admission procedure at Leuphana College in online information sessions. Find out more

Cancelled: College open day

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Open Day on May 15th cannot take place on campus.

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Applications and admissions

Leuphana College accepts new students each winter term. If you wish to be considered for a place on the Bachelor, your application must have been received by 15 July.

For applicants from EU and EEA countries the University operates a special admissions procedure for the award of places. It considers not only applicants' grades, but also special skills, experience and non-academic achievements such as periods spent studying abroad, and volunteering work.

Online applications

Online applications are possible from mid-May. Find out more about the entry requirements and specific admissions process at Leuphana College. Find out more now

Exchange students

The International Office will be pleased to assist you in planning and organising your studies abroad at Leuphana College. Study abroad in Lüneburg


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Arrange an appointment

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Entry / Residence / Accommodation

International Office
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