New on campus?

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Where is my group?

Wo trifft sich welche Gruppe? ©Leuphana
Find your group here on Thursday 7 October at 10 am.

Bus schedules

There is a special Leuphana shuttle bus here in Lüneburg during the lecture period. The line 5001 takes you either directly to the central campus in 13 minutes, or with a detour via the Red Field also to the university location there. This is especially interesting for commuters from Hamburg or Uelzen, as the departure and arrival times are adapted to the metronome.

The bus stop on campus is located in Scharnhorststraße opposite building 8. In principle, however, we recommend that anyone who is able to take the bike. Not only will you get your circulation going early in the morning, but the risk of infection is lowest here.

7 October

9.45 amZOB --> Campus5001
6.01 pmCampus --> ZOB5001
6.01 pmCampus --> ZOB5001

8 October

8.45 amZOB --> Campus5001
5.01 pmCampus --> ZOB5001
6.01 pmCampus --> ZOB5001

11 - 14 October

8.45 amZOB --> Campus5001
7.01 pmCampus --> ZOB5001
8.01 pmCampus --> ZOB5001

15 October

9.45 amZOB --> Campus5001
2.00 pmCampus --> ZOBShuttle
2.01 pmCampus --> ZOB5001
2.30 pmCampus --> ZOBShuttle
3.01 pmCampus --> ZOB5001

Campus Map

Lageplan ©Leuphana

Abbreviations of rooms and locations at Leuphana University

  • C = Location Universitätsallee 1  (Campus)
  • VA = Location Volgershall / Altbau
  • V = Location Volgershall / Neubau
  • W = Location Rotes Feld / Wilschenbrucher Weg 84

What do the room numbers mean?
Room number = location, house, floor and room. For example: C7.209 >> maincampus, house 7, second floor, room 09.