Can't find the answer to your question here? Then send us an email to openingweek@leuphana.de.

Before Opening Week

I am matriculated, how do I get started?

Welcome to Leuphana University! 

We have sent out the invitations for the Opening Week with all important information via email. If you have not yet received a personal invitation by e-mail, please contact us at openingweek@leuphana.de

What is the Opening Week?

Opening Week is the kick-off event for your studies. Together with other first-year students, you work on the first major project of your studies and lay the first academic foundation.

The experiences and insights from Opening Week will accompany you throughout your studies.

What are the project themes about?

During the Opening Week, you will work together with your project group on a project topic that is related to the Start Week theme COLLECTING. In various formats such as talk shows, interviews or expert discussions with an academic, you will immerse yourself in the topic, expand your knowledge, engage in exciting discussions and ultimately come up with a result that is something to be proud of.

You can find an overview of the topics here.

How do I register for the Opening Week?

On 28 September from 14:00 you can choose your project topic. The choice of project topic works on a first come, first serve basis. If individual project groups are full, a second or third topic preference may be needed. You can find out about the available project topics on our website beforehand:

Please write to us at openingweek@leuphana.de if you have not received this email.

What do I need to bring to the Opening Week?

Besides a lot of curiosity, a laptop or other another mobile device with a large screen are useful, also headphones are recommended. 

In addition, a deposit of 10 € will be collected for the Leuphana Card, which you should bring with you in cash on the first day. If you want to eat in the Mensa, you will also need cash to top up your Mensa card.

Where can I get my Leuphana Card?

The Leuphana Card is used to pay in the cafeteria and at the photocopiers in the library as well as to borrow media. It is not to be confused with your student ID. During the Opening Week you will receive your Leuphana Card from the tutor of your project group. There is a deposit of 10€ for the Leuphana Card. Please try to bring the money with you. In order to borrow books and use the printers, you will need to have your card personalised. To do this, first register using the online registration form of the Media and Information Centre (MIZ) and then go to the service desk in the library foyer. Please sign your Leuphana Card after this personalisation, not before.

During the regular semester, the Leuphana Card is also available in the library.

You can find all information about this and other issues here.

How do I access the WLAN?

You can register for the Leuphana WLAN via your LG number. General information about the Leuphana WLAN can be found here.

Do I already set up my Leuphana Account?

You can set up your Leuphana account before the start week, but you don't have to. 

If you would like to do this before the start week, you can find helpful instructions here.

During the start week, you also have the opportunity to set up your account at your leisure; on Friday, we will show you in detail what you need to do.

What is the best way to get to campus?

There will be a bus shuttle between the train station and the university during the Opening Week. You can find further informations here. 

In addition, bus lines 5011 (Blücherstraße stop) and 5012 (Universitätsallee stop) are running between Leuphana and the train station.

There are also StadtRAD stations on campus and at the train station where you can rent a bike. Information about the StadtRAD and the code for free use for 60 minutes can be found here.

During Opening Week

Where and when does the Opening Week start on 5th October?

The launch week begins on 5th October at 9:00 with interreligious devotions in the auditorium. At 10:15, the Opening Ceremony will begin in the auditorium. Here you will be introduced to the project topics, get first insights into the topic "COLLECTING" as well as an outlook on your studies.

Afterwards, the project groups will meet on campus.

How do I find my group?

You can find your project group via the number of the topic you have chosen. You can look up the meeting point on the map of the campus. You can find it here.

Where can I find a detailed description of the Opening Week programme?

Here you will find the detailed programme schedule with all the individual programme points and lots of additional information.

What language will be spoken during the Opening Week?

English will be spoken during Opening Week. But don't worry: we don't expect anyone to have perfect language skills. We want to include all students in the Opening Week and are happy about the diversity and internationality at Leuphana. But don't worry: We don't expect anyone to have perfect language skills. If you don't have the right words, you can also rely on relaxed bilingualism.

I am looking for a specific building on campus or a specific room?

Here you will find a map of the campus and an explanation of the room abbreviations.

Will the Opening Week take place on site?

Yes, we want you to have an unforgettable Opening Week and this includes meeting spaces so that you can get to know the campus together, immerse yourself in university life and make new friends. We therefore cordially invite you to participate in the Opening Week and the project work on site.

Can I take part in the Opening Week if I am not in Lüneburg?

No, the Opening Week will take place completely on campus this year. A digital partizipation is not possible. 

What do I do if I can't attend all days of the Opening Week?

If you are exceptionally unable to attend one day of the Opening Week, be sure to let your project group and tutor know! However, we encourage you to see the Opening Week as a chance to network with the students in your group and get to know the university. Make the most of this very special week.

I need help with myStudy!

On Friday, 6 October, there will be a myStudy introduction in the auditorium.

In addition, we offer myStudy support in the foyer on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. If you have any questions about myStudy or your timetable, we will be happy to help you.

You can also find some video tutorials on myStudy here. Here you can find a short tutorial on how to create a timetable.

Please note: The official myStudy technical support cannot help you with questions about your timetable, the lecture programme or registration iusses, but only with technical problems. You can reach them at 04131 677 1159 or by email at mystudy@leuphana.de.

Where may I ask further questions about the Opening Week?

During the Opening Week, there will be an information point in the foyer of the Central Building where you are always more than welcome!

Of course, you can also send us an email to openingweek@leuphana.de.

After Opening Week

What registration deadlines are there?

Register for your courses on myStudy by October 20th. Register for your exams on myCampus by November 15th.

What social support offers are there?

You can find help with financing your studies at the Studentenwerk or the AStA, among others. If you need support with your studies due to a chronic illness or a disability, you can find an advice center at Leuphana University here. Students with children receive support from the Leuphana University Family Service.

Other university offers

Here you can find the offers of the university sports center.

Here you can find student initiatives.

Here you can find the AStA homepage.