Teaching in English: Challenges and Considerations

There are some specific challenges and considerations when it comes to teaching non-native speakers of English at university: from the selection of reading materials to classroom interactions, to assessment. In this workshop, we will address some of these challenges and potential solutions. Focusing on three stages—preparation, in-session, and assessment, we highlight issues we have encountered in our own teaching practice and across the university and develop solutions to these issues. By the end of the workshop participants will be familiar with several strategies and tools that can be used to support non-native English-speaking students and to facilitate their learning in and outside the classroom.

To better tailor the workshop to the participants’ experiences and needs we would like to ask you to answer the following prompts in a few sentences or bullet points:

  • What are your expectations of non-native English-speaking students in reading, discussion, and writing tasks?
  • What challenges have you faced in preparing for, teaching, and assessing non-native English-speaking students?

We would greatly appreciate it if you were to email us your response and other questions you may have one week before the workshop.

The workshop consists of 2 working units.

Speakers: Andrew Brogan (Studium Individuale, and Micha Edlich (Schreibzentrum / Writing Center,

Datum/Zeit 13.12.2023 16:15-17:45 Uhr
Ort Zentraler Campus
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg
Raum: C5.122


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Leuphana College | Studium Individuale

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