Applicant status

Important note

On this page you can view your current status in the admission procedure. This information is not a legally binding statement. Applicants with a valid application will be informed at a later date in writing about the result of the approval procedure.

The application number allows you to check the status of your application for the first semester online. Applicants for advanced semesters cannot check the status of their application online.

check your status


Possible status reports

  • The combination of applicant number and date of birth is unknown.
  • The application documents have not yet been received.
  • The application documents have been received, but have not yet been processed.
  • You have not yet provided the required proof of English language skills or not in the required manner.
  • The application documents have been processed, the application will be included in the admission procedure.
  • The application documents have been processed, but are invalid. The application is not included in the admission procedure.
  • You will be invited to the study ability test / selection interview.
  • Admission has not yet been granted.
  • Admission could not be granted*.
  • They were admitted to the College of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.
  • The documents have been received and the enrolment will be made.

*This status report shows the current status of your application. As long as you have not received a rejection letter by mail from Leuphana, you will automatically take part in the succession process.