edu_ITA Seminar: Inter- and Transdisciplinary Education in Action

06. Jul

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edu_ITA Seminar
Inter- and Transdisciplinary Education in Action:
Methods, Processes, and Examples
7th July 2018


  • Dr. Bianca Vienni (Methodology Center & Teaching Service, Leuphana University Lüneburg)
  • Prof. (apl.) Dr. Ulli Vilsmaier (Methodology Center, Leuphana University Lüneburg)

Date: Friday 7th July, 2018
Time: From 9.15 to 17.00
Place: C40.164
Target audience: All faculty members involved in teaching and learning; members of Leuphana’s College, Graduate School and Professional School.
Participants: 15

  • All attendees are requested to complete the participation guide and send it to by Wednesday, January 17th.
  • Participants of the Leuphana Teaching Certificate Programme can use this event for the extension area. Please register additionally at (Your questions will be answered by the programme coordinator Anke Brehl,

The seminar is offered in English and is free of charge. Certificates will be issued to participants upon completing the seminar.

Seminar description
The edu_ITA Seminar “Inter- and Transdisciplinary Education in Action: Methods, Processes, and Examples” is a collaborative initiative between the Teaching Service and the Methodology Center of Leuphana University and part of an overall effort to expand our mutual understanding of the theory and practice of Interdisciplinary (Id) and Transdisciplinary (Td) teaching and learning.

The seminar is intended to help university teachers and researchers take stock of their current inter- and transdisciplinary courses as well as examine possible approaches to transforming disciplinary and multidisciplinary courses into Id and Td learning environments. To this end, this seminar provides theoretical and practical insights into methods and processes of Id and Td teaching and learning. It is further conceptualized as a place to reflect on one’s own teaching and learning experiences with multidisciplinary student teams, in particular in Leuphana’s Complementary Studies, and to explore further opportunities for Id and Td teaching. It is also a chance to make visible and share the different ways inter and transdisciplinarity is already defined and put into practice at Leuphana.


  • To explore conceptualizations of Id and Td core methodologies in order to understand better what the notion of inter- and transdisciplinarity ‘in Action’ implies.
  • To analyze one’s own experiences with multidisciplinary student teams as well as with Id and/or Td practices in teaching (particularly in research-based teaching).
  • To present select methods and tools for inter- and transdisciplinary teaching and learning in action (e.g., methods on boundary-work, interface design, and principles and phases for integration and differentiation).

Seminar components

  • Introduction to conceptualizations of Id and Td methodologies and action by Bianca Vienni and Ulli Vilsmaier.
  • Discussion to explore experiences of participants and create a space for exchange and mutual learning among participants.
  • Examples of Id & Td teaching and learning formats at Leuphana University.
  • Elaboration of course design incorporating the methodologies presented at the seminar and based on teaching cases from the participants. Group work.

Preliminary schedule
Friday 7th July 2018:
09:15 am Get Together.
09:45 am Introduction. Inter- and Transdisciplinary Education as an heterogenous field.
10:45 am Coffee break
11:15 am Methods and tools for inter- and transdisciplinary research. Examples.!
12:00 am Fishbowl: Discussion to raise questions, formulate critiques, outline knowledge demands.
12:30 am Lunch
13:30 pm Group Work “Elaborating interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary courses and components”.
15:30 pm Coffee break
16:00 pm Final discussion
17:00 pm End of the seminar