International Immersion Project: Workshops from Leuphana and AP Hogeschool

2021-05-17 From May 17 to 21, an international exchange, called INIP, which stands for international immersion project is taking place online. The week is organized by Lecturers Eva Faes (AP Hogeschool) and Anna Holstein (Leuphana University).

Belgian students get to participate in different workshops, one of which is held by Anna Holstein (Leuphana University) about effective teacher-student-feedback. The cooperation between Leuphana University and AP Hogeschool allows students from Belgium and Germany to get in touch with each other and work on educational challenges and combine perspectives and experiences from different countries. Despite the pandemic, students from the different countries can experience internationalisation online.  Other workshops are held by Arantza Arruti (University of Deusto, Spain),  Miryam Martínez (Muxotepodolobat, Spain) and David Gisselman (Technicus, Sweden). On Friday, the Belgian students are holding presentations about their week. They will be live streamed to the international lecturers who will also be part of the evaluation.