Corona-related regulations for employees as of August 31, 2020

2020-08-28 The core of our idea of a university is that people meet each other personally at Leuphana. Since mid-March, we have had to move our work, research, teaching and studies from the Leuphana campus to our home office as far as possible and reduce our presence on campus to a minimum.

Now that schools and kindergartens are open again during regular childcare hours, we also want to gradually return to a presence at the end of the summer vacations in Lower Saxony, at least as far as this can be justified in view of the pandemic situation. It is nice to see that there is already a little more life on campus.

At the same time, we all know that we must continue to conscientiously adhere to distance and hygiene rules, so that with the beginning of the winter semester in October, working with personal encounters and collegial exchange will once again become more possible on campus. Against this background, September is to be used for a test phase to examine the increased return to and work on campus and, for example, to find regulations for critical office situations in individual cases. The following applies to the design of this test phase:

  • Please continue to comply with all distance and hygiene rules in accordance with the current version of the Hygiene Directive, which can be found here:
  • In addition to the previous regulations of the hygiene directive, please note that from September onwards, a general obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector will apply in all stairwells and corridors of the university buildings. This regulation serves to reduce the still existing infection risks against the background of a higher presence of university members on campus again.
  • Superiors whose colleagues do not work in an individual office should contact the occupational safety department and take advantage of the advice offered by Mr. Jörg Seeba and Ms. Antje Dietrich. Together with you, an assessment of the workplace and the office situation will be made and individual solutions will be sought.
  • In the course of September, please check your individual work situation against the background of the required distance and hygiene regulations. Please inform the occupational safety department of any open questions or possibilities for improvement. For this purpose, the familiar e-mail address is available to you.
  • Even if you should continue to work in your home office due to your individual situation, please ensure that you can be reached reliably by e-mail and telephone during your working hours, if necessary by switching your office telephone.

With regard to the organization of the regulations on working hours, the Presidential Committee, in consultation with the Staff Council, has again extended the existing regulations under labor and employment law until September 30, 20. This extension is intended to provide an opportunity to gain experience with the further return to the campus in the course of September and to make detailed arrangements and preparations during a transitional phase. For special circumstances, which may arise from unforeseen care situations due to selective school or daycare closures or other restrictions, we want to continue to find arrangements in the interest of our employees.

We are all still far from a return to normality. But for some of us this will continue to be particularly true. There are still colleagues who need special protection against infection or who continue to find themselves in a particularly stressful private situation with relatives who need care. For many of these personally and professionally challenging situations, we have made arrangements that continue to apply in large parts. In special individual cases we will look for possibilities to support you individually. You will find the appropriate contact persons and points of contact in the information for employees.

As before, the Corona information pages on our website at as well as the e-mail address are available for your questions and comments.