Information for employees about Corona vaccinations

2021-05-03 Last Friday, an amendment to the Corona vaccination regulation of the Federal Ministry of Health was published. According to § 4 para. 1 no. 8 of the amended ordinance, all persons employed or working at universities are now eligible for vaccination with increased priority and thus - as was previously the case for persons at schools - part of the 3rd prioritization group.

According to the information available to us, various federal states are currently opening their vaccination centers or the vaccinations at general practitioners for vaccination-eligible persons in the 3rd priority group or are preparing this opening in these days. Among others

  • Lower Saxony has announced an opening in the coming days, but so far not implemented, with the exception of people who are over 60 years old,
  • Hamburg has already called on subgroups of the 3rd prioritization group to make appointments, including the new group that is also relevant for universities in accordance with Section 4 (1) No. 8 of the Corona Vaccination Ordinance,
  • Schleswig-Holstein has announced that appointments will be available from May 6 and that vaccination appointments can be booked from May 10,
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania opened the allocation of vaccination appointments by general practitioners for persons from the 3rd prioritization group; booking at the vaccination centers is currently only possible for subgroups of the 3rd prioritization group.

Please inform yourself about the regulations in detail on the central websites of the federal states.

Vaccination eligibility, i.e. belonging to the group of persons with increased vaccination priority, is checked by the vaccination centers or by the general practitioners prior to vaccination. For this purpose, persons who are employed at Leuphana and who wish to be vaccinated as part of the 3rd prioritization group require a corresponding certificate, which is issued by the Personnel Service (for tariff employees, SHK/WHK and lecturers) or by the Professorship Service (for civil servants).

If you need this proof on the occasion of your vaccination appointment, please contact the person responsible for you in the Personnel Service or in the Professorship Service. I kindly ask you to arrange your vaccination appointment in advance, if possible, and to indicate it in your request to the Personnel Service or the Professorship Service, so that incoming requests can be processed by the colleagues according to scheduling priority.

Here you can find the currently valid Corona vaccination regulation of March 31, 2021, and the amending regulation of April 29, 2021. In other sources on the Internet, however, the changes to the text of the regulation have generally not yet been incorporated.