Update: Corona vaccinations in Lower Saxony and Hamburg

2021-05-07 News regarding the allocation of Corona vaccination appointments in Lower Saxony and Hamburg

  1. The Ministry of Social Affairs of Lower Saxony has today presented a roadmap for the allocation of appointments for persons in priority group 3, which includes persons working at universities. According to this schedule, vaccination authorizations will be issued in three stages. Individuals working at institutions of higher education will be eligible to schedule vaccination appointments in the third tier, beginning Monday, May 31. You can then register for an appointment at your local immunization center online at www.impfportal-niedersachsen.de and by calling the state's hotline at 0800 9988665. You can then also make appointments at your local doctors' offices, provided vaccine is available at the practices.

    The state government asks that you bring appropriate certification from your employer to your appointment at your local immunization center or practice. You can access the state's form at https://www.niedersachsen.de/download/167979 (currently still in a non-updated version regarding occupational indication for 2nd priority vaccinations only). Please submit this certificate to the responsible person in the personnel service (for employees with collective bargaining agreements, SHK/WHK, lecturers) or in the professorship service (for professors, civil servants).

    The text of today's announcement by the state can be found at https://www.ms.niedersachsen.de/startseite/service_kontakt/presseinformationen/niedersachsen-legt-fahrplan-fur-terminvergabe-an-angehorige-der-prioritatsgruppe-3-vor-impfberechtigung-erfolgt-in-drei-stufen-beginnend-ab-10-mai-200167.html.
  2. The Hamburg social authorities have informed us that - despite the inclusion of persons working at universities in the 3rd prioritization group and despite the release of the group of persons named accordingly in § 4 para. 1 no. 8 CoronaImpfV - persons working at universities in Hamburg have not yet been called upon to attend vaccination appointments on the basis of professional indications. At the same time, we have received the assessment that this situation could change in the near future.

    In fact, it has already happened that Leuphana employees who reside in Hamburg have been turned away at the vaccination center in Hamburg despite presenting an employer's certificate. Please keep yourself informed about the current status on the relevant portals of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg at https://www.hamburg.de/corona-impfung/.