Information for Employees: Official Declaration

2021-10-11 In addition to the email of October 6, I would like to inform you once again that, as of this week, an official declaration confirming that you have either been vaccinated, recovered or tested will be required for access to and stay in the university buildings. Please carry the official declaration with you beginning Monday, Oct. 11, and show it at the request of other university members prior to meetings or gatherings. Please also inform external lecturers in your area about the regulation if they do not already have a Leuphana e-mail address.

In this context, I would like to point out that you are also welcome to carry the official declaration digitally, e.g. as a saved copy on your smartphone. Furthermore, according to initial feedback, written acknowledgement by superiors has proven to be unnecessary. A written signature of the official declaration only by yourself is sufficient. Declarations that have already been signed remain valid, of course.