Update (March, 18th) of the Information for Employees

2020-03-18 Dear colleagues, Due to the current crisis situation, the Presidential Board today adjusted the regulations on attendance and working hours at Leuphana. This is based on the new service agreement on alternative jobs concluded with the Staff Council. The aim is to reduce the risk of infection for university members as far as possible by means of generous and pragmatic regulations and thus also to break through chains of infection. Trusting in the joint efforts and in addition to the e-mail sent yesterday, I would like to inform you about the following regulations, which will initially apply until 19 April 2020.


The university management asks all employees who have a work laptop to always take it home. This also applies to weekends and when taking a vacation. No work is planned during the weekend or holidays. However, this is to ensure that in case of a possible quarantine, work can be done from home and thus the functionality of Leuphana University Lüneburg can be guaranteed. The same applies to existing headsets and mobile phones.

Leave of absence

If on-site presence at the university is not absolutely necessary and the nature of the workplace means that the working hours cannot be worked from home or cannot be fully mobile, leave of absence shall be granted with continued payment of your remuneration or salary.

Mobile working from home

All employees whose presence is not required should work from home. In any case, all employees who are particularly at risk of a possible infection with the coronavirus due to previous illnesses or special health restrictions according to the risk groups of the RKI (www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogruppen) or due to corresponding medical recommendations should work from home mandatorily.

Time recording

Initially until 19.04.2020, we will convert the time recording for all employees to trusted working time. Please document your working hours informally. In digital time recording using Adicom, all employees' planned working times will be recorded. Please have your supervisors sign off on any additional times and send this documentation to the Human Resources Department for subsequent recording. Sick leave and vacation requests (including the approval of your supervisors) should be submitted to the Human Resources Department by e-mail.

Employees with children

If you are not able to fully perform your working hours due to the need of taking care for your minor children in the current situation, please inform your supervisors. In this case, a leave of absence shall be granted as well with continued payment of your remuneration or salary.
If you are unable to work at all due to the need of taking care for your minor children and after checking all other possibilities, please apply for special leave with continued payment at the Human Resources Department.

Please continue to pay attention to the information communicated by mail yesterday and the information published on the Internet at www.leuphana.de/portale/coronavirus/coronavirus. In particular, please follow the hygiene measures recommended by the Robert Koch Institute, avoid personal meetings and committee meetings at all costs and ensure that you keep a sufficient distance of at least 2 metres to other people.

Furthermore, we are available for individual queries, tips and comments at cv-info@leuphana.de.

With kind regards
Christian Brei
Executive Vice President