Update (March, 23rd)

2020-03-23 The state government of Lower Saxony yesterday adopted a general decree to restrict social contacts on the basis of a discussion between the Chancellor and the prime ministers of the federal states.

The general decree contains detailed regulations with the aim of minimizing social contacts to an absolutely necessary minimum. Please take careful note of the regulations. Necessary activities for the exercise of professional activities remain permitted in accordance with item 3b of the ruling.

You will find the exact wording of the general ruling at www.niedersachsen.de/Coronavirus/erlasse-und-allgemeinverfuegung/erlasse-und-allgemeinverfuegung-185856
or also directly under www.niedersachsen.de/download/153376/Allgemeinverfuegung_des_Niedersaechsischen_Gesundheitsministeriums_zur_Beschraenkung_von_Sozialen_Kontakten_vom_22.03.2020.pdf

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