Working time arrangements as of May 1, 2020

2020-05-04 The previous regulations on working hours, which we had made on the occasion of the measures taken to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, will end on April 30 2020. On April 29, the university management and staff council agreed on the attached employment and service regulations for the employees of Leuphana for the period from May 1 2020. I hereby ask you to take note of these regulations.

These new regulations also attempt to take into account the individual personal and professional situations of the employees, to meet the needs of the university and to make our contribution to a further reduction in infections. The following regulations are initially valid until May 31 2020, subject to a further extension.

  1. Superiors are still requested to create opportunities for working in a home office together with employees and to use Leuphana's offices only if work is possible in individual offices or after examining other precautionary measures in consultation with the occupational safety specialist. Special consideration must be given to employees who belong to a risk group and employees who depend on the use of public transport to get to work. For work in the home office, the service agreement on alternative work places continues to apply.
  2. In principle, from 1 May 2020, all employees will have their working hours recorded in accordance with the regulations in force before the start of the special arrangements due to the corona pandemic. Colleagues in the technical and administrative departments are kindly requested to record their working hours as usual using the electronic recording in the ADICOM system. Colleagues in the scientific field and employees who are exempt from the digital recording please document their working hours according to the regulations of the service agreement on working hours in the scientific field.
  3. Employees who have to look after their children up to the age of 12 or other persons in need of assistance due to the ongoing closure of care facilities such as kindergartens or schools and who are therefore dependent on more flexible conditions, should continue to have the possibility of working within the framework of a trusted working time upon special application (see no. 5a of the regulations).
  4. Employees for whom the working time is regularly administered in the ADICOM system are asked to forward their registrations made within the framework of the confidential working time until the end of April 2020, if possible blocked, to the Personnel Service (Mrs. Kröger, or the responsible time administrators for registration after the end of the month. Information is required on the specific days of the confidential working time (no detailed lists of exact working times) and whether there are other reasons for absence (holiday, illness, flexitime, quarantine, etc.). The entry of the confidential working time in ADICOM may only be done by Mrs. Kröger or the responsible time administrators.
  5. If overtime has been worked during the period of the scope of the confidential working time (March 19 – April 30, 2020), please inform Mrs. Kroeger about the total number of overtime hours on a monthly basis with the written confirmation of the superior about the performance of these overtime hours for crediting.

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Weitere Informationen und Regelungen im konkreten Einzelfalle entnehmen Sie bitte den zwischen Hochschulleitung und Personalrat am 29.4.2020 verabschiedeten arbeitsrechtlichen Regelungen für Beschäftigte der Leuphana Universität Lüneburg.