Information for teaching staff

The current situation, caused by the corona protection measures, also poses a great challenge for the teachers of Leuphana. On the webpages of the Teaching Service you will find information about the service and support offers for teachers in order to keep the teaching running at its best. A lot of helpful information, instructions and examples on digital learning platforms, tools and the production of videos can already be found in the Support & Tools area.

In addition, the Teaching Service is currently working together with the Media and Information Centre (MIZ) to compile information, instructions and support offers for teachers in order to maintain teaching operations despite the Corona outbreak.

Chat conferences

RocketChat is an Instant Messenger comparable to WhatsApp or Slack, but is run locally at Leuphana University. You can share synchronous or asynchronous written conversations and files. Connected to RocketChat is Jitsi Meet, a tool for video chats and small video conferences.


The Leuphana Etherpad is an easy-to-use text editor and allows an easy exchange of information and direct communication both simultaneously (synchronous) and time-shifted (asynchronous). If you use Etherpad together with your students at agreed times (e.g. at the time your course takes place), you can enter into direct exchange with each other.


Via myStudy you have the possibility to contact the students of your courses, to distribute documents and to form working groups, independently of the location. The registration procedure for all courses is carried out regularly. This means that the lists of participants are available at the beginning of the semester, so that lecturers can provide information on the event-specific measures for implementing online teaching. Support for the use of myStudy is provided by the myStudy support team by e-mail at


With Moodle, courses can be virtualized in many ways and learning/communication processes with or between students can be designed online. Moodle enables, among other things:

  • Provision of any learning materials such as texts, videos, interactive learning objects and any file formats
  • Communication and collaboration activities such as forums, chats, wikis...
  • Interactive elements such as tools for group work, peer feedback, tests, quizzes, surveys...
  • Recording and provision of videos directly via webcam
  • Recording and dubbing of the screen content (screencasting)

Have a Moodle course set up

Firstly, you need to set up a Moodle course so that you can use it for teaching. Please contact for this. MIZ is currently working on the implementation of a myStudy functionality that allows teachers to create a Moodle course directly from a myStudy course.

Conduct Moodle courses

Due to the high expected support requirements we offer three different scenarios and corresponding templates in Moodle. The Moodle system is very well documented. We therefore encourage you to use the Moodle guides and tutorials at The teaching service at can advise you on the content and delivery of Moodle courses.

Screencasts/Simple Videos

Creating screencasts and simple videos is another possibility to change your teaching for the next semester. More detailed information on how to make screencasts or short explanatory videos, for example, can be found on the following overview page.


In the last few days, a support team has been set up to assist with digital courses. The support team consists of colleagues who have already worked intensively with various forms and formats of digital teaching and is supported by the Teaching Service, Cooperation Service, MIZ and Professional School.

Video and telephone conferences

With GoToMeeting you can start video and telephone conferences with up to 250 participants. In the next few days the service will be rolled out for Leuphana across the board. Currently you can set up a fully functional test account on the GoToMeeting website and test the tool for 14 days to familiarise yourself with the technology.

Set up a conference room

After setting up a test account, you can independently set up various persistent or time-controlled conference rooms.

Conference call

For a meeting / conference a telephone dial-in is always possible via a German dial-in number and an access code, in order for you to use a conference room for telephone conferences. Please note that you must first start the meeting online before the participants can join by telephone.

Please note

In addition to the GoToMeeting service, we also aim to provide ZOOM, but are still in coordination with the provider.

Update (31 March) - Data Protection

To ensure that your personal data is protected in the best possible way, we have configured ZOOM in all functional areas so that only a minimum of data is transmitted and stored. All default settings are selected to give users the best possible control over the disclosure of data. An overview of the corresponding configurations can be found here.