University operations in the winter semester 2022/2023 will basically be conducted completely in presence, as in the previous summer semester. All courses will basically be offered in on-site presence. All Leuphana facilities will be open on a regular basis, and all research projects can be carried out on a regular basis. If you have any further questions or comments, please continue to contact

You will find further information and support for the planning and implementation of your course on the pages of the Lehrservice.

Conducting courses

All teachers are required to teach their courses in presence on site. Exceptions due to documented health conditions that do not permit teaching in presence are possible, as in previous semesters; in this case, please obtain the approval of the Dean of Students responsible for your course upon presentation of an appropriate medical certificate.

All students also generally take their courses in presence on site. Instructors have the option, if it does not interfere with teaching, to offer students passive participation in individual courses via video stream due to specific health conditions that do not permit face-to-face teaching, but are not required to do so.

Distance and Hygiene Regulations

Distance regulations, mask obligation and ventilation

Basic measures for basic protection (basic protection level: "all-weather scenario") currently apply at Leuphana for the winter semester 2022/23. According to this, as in previous semesters, all university members are still required to ventilate rooms regularly (please be sure to use shock ventilation, not continuous ventilation!) and to maintain distances whenever possible. In addition, we continue to recommend that a medical or FFP2 respirator mask be worn in all University rooms, especially during classes. However, wearing a mask is not mandatory until further notice, even in teaching sessions. However, please be sure to continue to be considerate of the needs of individuals for whom corona infection may pose a particular health risk and take appropriate and suitable protective measures at the request of these individuals.

Unless your course room has a ventilation system, please make sure that you regularly ventilate the room at 20-minute intervals for a period of at least 3 to 10 minutes by fully opening the windows. Feel free to ask students for assistance here. Alternatively, you can ventilate the room continuously by opening one-third of the window area. Ventilation systems are operated under full load by the building management, additional ventilation is usually not necessary in these rooms.

Further Information

Workstations for Students

Workstations are generally available for students on campus at various locations, including the reading room and library foyer, unused seminar rooms, the Central Building, Building 14, and the dining hall. Students are also required to sign in with their contact information at these locations to ensure contact tracking in the event of infection.

In order to create additional workstations for students on campus, Building Management will immediately set up additional workstations for students in the Foyer and Forum and in Room 40.110 of the Central Building on all days when there are no events in the Central Building. In addition, the University is currently working to ensure that the Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen will allow Leuphana students to use the refectory after 3 pm. Information on this will follow as soon as possible.

WIFI Coverage

Due to the large increase in the use of video conferencing and the remaining percentage of classes conducted online, we anticipate a very large increase in the use of the University's wifi network during the winter semester. Unfortunately, it can be assumed that the supply of rooms with WLAN will not be sufficient for the expected demand and that there may be restrictions, at least during peak loads. We therefore ask university members to resort to using the wired LAN connections in your offices whenever possible.