Research in third-party funded projects

Please take a close look at the guidelines and regulatons of your funding agency and/or the cooperation agreements already concluded and reflect on the defined project objectives in relation to the current situation. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant offices at Leuphana (Research Service, Cooperation Service, Teaching Service, International Office) and, if necessary, contact the funding agencies with their support.

Should the current situation cause problems in the implementation of the research project, for example because research trips cannot be undertaken or events cannot be held, we urgently request that the project activities that cannot be carried out in the course of the project are to be documented and the reasons for this are to be stated.

In the case of collaborative projects, it is also important to reach consensus with the partners on the further progress of the project. On this basis, the coordinator or - in the case of individual projects - the project management should contact the responsible contact person at the respective funding agency. Depending on the individual case, e.g. extensions of deadlines, restructuring of project activities or necessary postponements of funding can be discussed. The relevant offices and the finance service at Leuphana can provide support.

Please note that project extensions are not necessarily accompanied by an increase in project funding.

    Please also note the informations regarding project implementation and and management of the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK).

    Contact persons at the Leuphana

    The service units at Leuphana will forward information and news regarding funding agencies to the project managers as soon as possible. If you have any questions, project managers are welcome to contact the relevant offices by telephone or e-mail. The teams of the Research-, Teaching-, and Coorperation Service as well as the International Office are at your disposal for advice.