Ferdinand Müller-Rommel appointed Alumni Professor at the European University Institute in Florence

2023-05-30 The founder and long-time director of the 'Centre for Democracy Studies' was awarded the title of Alumni Professor for Life for his more than thirty years of academic commitment at the 'European University Institute' (EUI ) in Florence.

Ferdinand Müller-Rommel has been a Jean Monnet Fellow, a Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow, a Part-Time Professor, a Visiting Fellow and co-director of three international research projects at the EUI since 1985. He has also supervised six doctorates at the European University Institute.

Enclosed are the stations that were decisive in getting to the 'Lifelong' Alumni-Professorship:

1985 - 1986Jean-Monnet Fellow (September- July(contact persons: Professor Philippe Schmitter, Professor Jean Blondel)
1986 - 1999Regular visits to the EUI as Co-director of three EUI research projects with Professor Jean Blondel (SPS Professor 1985-1994 and external Professor 1994-2000)
1988EUI-Project: Government Institutions in Western Europe (joint book publication: Blondel/Müller-Rommel, 1988: Cabinets in Western Europe. London: Macmillan Publisher)
1993EUI-Project: Cabinet Decision Making in Western Europe (joint book publication: Blondel/Müller-Rommel, 1993: Governing Together. London: Macmillan Publisher)
1999Visiting Fellow, Department of Social and Political Science and Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies,  (September-December). (Funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, Germany) (contact person: Professor Jean Blondel and Professor Yves Meny)
200EUI-Project: New Governments in Eastern Europe (joint book publication: Blondel/Müller-Rommel, 2001, Cabinets in Eastern Europe. London: Macmillan Publisher)

 Visiting Fellow, Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies, (September-December(Funded by the German Science Foundation- DFG) (contact persons: Professor Helen Wallace; Professor Adrienne Héritier)

2004 – 2012Collaboration and participation in several international conferences on ‘Party Government and Democracy’, organized by Professor Peter Mair (EUI, SPS)

Part-Time Professor, Department of Social and Political Science (interim replacement for the late Peter Mair) (September – March) (contact persons: Professor Stefano Bartolini, Professor Laszlo Bruszt)


Visiting Fellow at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy (September-December) (contact person: Professor Hans-Peter Kriesi)


Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow, Department of Political Science and Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies (March-May) (contact persons: Professor Hans-Peter Kriesi; Professor Michael Bauer)

Co-supervisor and member of the following PhD committees at the EUI (SPS): Thomas Poguntke (1989); Martin Worthmann (1990); Fernando Casal Bértoa (2011); Marco Valbruzzi (2017); Jan Karremans (2017); Frederico Ferreira da Silva (2019)

Currently in close academic cooperation with Professor Simon Hix (SPS) and Professor Daniele Caramani (RSC).


  • Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Müller-Rommel