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Leuphana Ensembles: Thanks to the implementation of new health and safety regulations, live rehearsals are back

2020-10-14 During the semester break, Leuphana Director of Music Rebecca Lang and her student team created a hygiene concept in order to enable live rehearsals for each of the Leuphana Ensembles. This semester, they will be able to sing and play together again.

Last week Rebecca Lang uploaded the video recording of "You Will Be Found" to the Leuphana Ensembles YouTube channel. The Leuphana Chamber Choir sings the title from the musical "Dear Evan Hansen". It is the ninth and last recording made during the digital Summer Semester. All choir members sang their part at home alone and the individual recordings were then edited together. “While editing audio and video material, my student team and I also worked together on creating a hygiene concept". From this semester on, rehearsals will be able to take place on campus again. "All ensembles will rehearse in the central building. There we have enough space to keep the necessary distances and the ventilation is excellent", says Rebecca Lang. The hygiene rules are strict: "So far we have over 200 participants registered for the University Choir alone. For this reason, we will split the ensemble into two groups", she explains. Additionally, all ensemble members must sign up online for each rehearsal, so as not to exceed capacity. This will allow infection chains to be swiftly tracked and dealt with, should the need arise.

In order to maintain appropriate distances, the University Orchestra will also hold separate rehearsals: string and wind instruments will meet at different times. "The rehearsals will be shorter but more intensive”. Each instrument group will be led by a specialist: "For our musicians this will be both very exciting and educational.“ The cellist Jakob Nierenz will lead the string players, brass specialist Anton Boderieux will conduct the Symphonic Winds. The singers will work with professional musical performer  Philipp Lang. This semester, the Leuphana also welcomes a new Big Band leader – clarinettist Alexander Eissele. In order to reduce the transmission of aerosols, the bell of each brass and wind instrument will be covered with a protective cloth during big band rehearsals. "With all these precautions in place, we will be able to meet the necessary requirements of the health department. While we were able to create a great recording project during the online semester and received excellent feedback, we are now very much looking forward to rehearsing together", says the Director of Music.

All members of the University are warmly invited to sing and play in the Leuphana Ensembles. Participation in the University Choir is open to all members of the University. No previous experience is necessary. Rehearsals are every Monday from 6 pm till 8 pm. As the Chamber Choir rehearses more demanding repertoire and the number of members is limited to 20 singers, interested participants must audition.

Participation in all instrumental ensembles requires a certain amount of previous musical experience. The Big Band rehearsals take place on Mondays from 8 pm till 10 pm.

The String Orchestra and Symphonic Wind Orchestra rehearse on Thursdays between 6 pm and 7 pm and between 7 pm and 8 pm respectively – new members are very welcome!



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