Business Administration for Working Professionals: Jonas Jentsch- "I am a practitioner"

2023-12-18 The 25-year-old sales and marketing manager recently completed his part-time degree programme at Leuphana Professional School. In his Bachelor's thesis, he calculated, among other things, the considerable costs incurred by his employer due to regulatory requirements imposed by the banking supervisory authorities. Prospective students can find out more about the programmes at Leuphana Professional School at the Info Day on 13 January 2024.

Jonas Jentsch ©Leuphana
Jonas Jentsch

The Lüneburg-based leasing company "cleverscout" could save a high five-figure sum each year if there were no banking supervisory regulations for finance leasing companies This sum was calculated by Jonas Jentsch. In his Bachelor's thesis, he analysed the consequences of high levels of bureaucracy on the workload in his company. After the banking crisis in 2009, the laws were tightened - not only for banks, but also for leasing companies, among others: "Yet these mostly small and medium-sized leasing companies are hardly affected by economic difficulties," argues Jonas Jentsch. The trained banker worked as a student trainee at "cleverscout" during his studies. "We market cars. Our customers are, for example, young companies or business customers with a weak credit rating."

The company employs eight people. According to Jonas Jentsch's calculations, each of them invests around ten per cent of their own working time in dealing with regulations. This includes, for example, various reporting obligations and money laundering prevention. In 2020, he completed his training as a banker at Commerzbank in Hamburg.

He then moved to the leasing company "cleverscout" in Lüneburg: "I brought the commercial knowledge with me." It quickly became clear that he wanted to stay with the company and not return to banking. Studying business administration was the next logical step for him - both personally and to gain the necessary qualifications for the financial services industry: "It was important for me to be able to continue working in the company while I was studying. I'm a practitioner," says Jonas Jentsch. He recommends the part-time business studies programme to anyone who wants to pursue a career and apply theoretical knowledge in practice. "Independence and motivation are also important," explains the Lüneburg native.

Participants in the programme study the part-time Bachelor of Business Administration in a blended learning format. As a rule, face-to-face courses are offered once a month in Lüneburg. The rest of the time, students study flexibly from home in guided self-study with the help of an e-learning platform and scripts.

During his Bachelor's thesis, Jonas Jentsch attended the Professional School's final thesis week on campus: "We presented our work to each other and were given tips on literature research and writing." The result is impressive: his Bachelor's thesis was graded 1.0. For the newly qualified business economist, this is just one of the benefits of his time at Leuphana Professional School: "It wasn't just in my final thesis that I was able to analyse a problem from our business practice. We worked with case studies throughout the entire degree programme. For me, the reference to everyday business life is an added value of the degree programme. I wanted to combine theory with practice."

The company team is proud of Jonas Jentsch's achievement. He is no longer a student trainee, but works in sales and marketing management at the Lüneburg leasing company: "I benefit enormously from the programme."