Coaching Services in CPD Studies

Coaching provides professional support

New challenges await students on CPD studies: A key issue is the balance between work, personal life and study. You have to steal the time for the continuing education course from somewhere else, good time and self-management is required. Furthermore, you are now acquiring further professional qualifications in your CPD course; you expand your knowledge and skills, thereby also opening up new fields of knowledge and new career prospects. Therefore, many students are planning their next career steps while studying. The Professional School’s coaching offers the offers effective support and answers to these and other questions.

The Professional School offers coaching support, in which you can, for example, reflect and define your study and career planning, work together with your coach on personal strengths or optimise your time, self-management and conflict matters. For many Bachelor and Masters students of the Professional School, the use of one coaching cession is free of charge and constitutes an integral part of the studies. Please note that coaching is not included in the Masters programme Governance and Human Rights.

You decide according to your current needs, how and when you wish to take advantage of our coaching services. We will gladly advise you on the costs and scope in a personal interview.

Overview of coaching types in English language

Individual Coaching

Thanks to individual coaching, you benefit from a familiar and very individual counseling by your coach. For individual coaching you can select very different subject from your own personal context. Themes for single consultations can be for example time management, conflicts, deciding situation or career issues.

In one 90 minute session plus a preliminary discussion, you can plan first impulses to clarify your problems together with the coach and plan the following steps.

Tandem or Group Coaching

In tandem or group coaching, you can discuss various points of importance and contents with your coach. Looking at issues from various perspectives helps finding new solutions and positively influences one’s own performance capacities and motivation.

You can combine a tandem or group coaching for example to deal with a subject matter of your choice, and combine the 90-minutes’ coaching time available to every Bachelor or Masters student of the Professional School with your fellow students.

Find the right coach


Dr. Christof Domrös studied economics in Mainz and Münster and then worked for almost twenty years in management positions in Germany and abroad (including Hamburg, Copenhagen, New York) and in various corporate functions (including finance/controlling, strategy, risk management, restructuring). He has many years of experience as a mentor and coach for executives, junior executives and specialists. Since 2014 he has been working as a freelance management consultant and coach. He is a certified "Systemic Coach" (Professio GmbH, recognized by DBVC) and "Transactional Analytical Consultant" (DGTA - German Society for Transactional Analysis).

Coaching focus

  • Decision making
  • Management techniques
  • Leadership in digitization
  • Career planning
  • Conflict situations
  • Organizational Development
  • Roll Finding
  • Site assessment
  • Changes

Coaching locations

  • Online-Coaching
  • Hamburg


Steffen Elbert, PhD

Steffen Elbert supports top executives in their professional and personal development and in unleashing their growth potential - especially in cases where they seem to "stand in their own way“. As an entrepreneur in his private practice, he is focused on working with long-term beliefs, convictions and biases - mostly rooted in biographic experiences.

Earlier, Steffen graduated with a PhD in (bio-)chemistry from Heidelberg university and then worked as a consultant and partner for two top tier strategy and personell consulting firms for over 20 years.

Steffen is certified an a systemic coach by DBVC and as a systemic advisor, coach and supervisor by DGSF. He is furthermore trained in clinical hypnosis, psychotraumatology, constellation work, embodiment-focused methodologies (EMDR, PEP, SE) and systemic organizational development.

Coaching focus

  • Limiting beliefs and imprints in everyday working life
  • Unleashing your potential“
  • Collateral damage of success (e.g. danger of burn-out, depressive moods, addiction etc.)

Coaching locations

  • Online-Coaching
  • Lüneburg
  • HamburgOnline

Beate Munding

Beachte Munding is a management coach and organisational consultant in Hamburg. The qualified organisational sociologist worked as a television journalist for the public broadcasters NDR and ARD for twelve years before changing sides professionally. Since 2010, Beate Munding has advised domestic and international businesses on personal, strategic, organisational and cultural change processes, and assisted managers in finding their individual leadership style, mastering critical situations and realising their potential. She is a communications expert, a certified systemic and personal coach and helps people to optimise their personal style and approach, overcome professional challenges and explore new options and possibilities. Ms Munding works closely on changes in the world of work, digitisation and new leadership and is a speaker for the Matthias Horx Zukunftsinstitut.

Coaching focus

  • Personal manner, presence and communication
  • Roles and management style analysis
  • Organisational development
  • Coping with stress and stage fright
  • Objectives and career coaching

Coaching locations

  • Online-Coaching
  • Hamburg


Lars Schmidt

Lars Schmidt graduated in business administration at the Hamburg Academy of Economics in 1992 and then studied economics at the University of Hamburg. After graduating in 1998, he worked in the media sector for several years. Since 2003 he has been working as a trainer and coach, with a focus on accompanying people in situations of professional change. Since 2011 he has been an independent trainer, consultant and moderator. He works from Hamburg nationwide for clients from industry, trade, services and the financial sector. For them he gives soft-skill and leadership training or designs and moderates workshops - from team development to interface and strategy workshops. In addition, he accompanies executives and acts as coach for two personnel consultancies.

Coaching focus

  • Career coaching (professional orientation, support in application processes)
  • Management Development
  • Self-presentation
  • Dealing with personal stumbling blocks and decision situations
  • Dealing with conflict situations

Coaching locations

  • Online-Coaching
  • Lüneburg
  • Hamburg

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