Navigating the „shark pool“. Power games and micropolitical competence in academia

Target group:  

Doctoral candidates and postdocs, young professors and executives and people in coordinating or advisory functions in  science management; max. 40 participant

Event format:   Interactive online-lecture

Language:        English


The science system is characterised by peculiar institutions and hierarchical forms of organisation, in which there is often a lack of controlling bodies and unclear competences. Regardless of whether you are active at the upper, middle or lower levels of your institution, sooner or later you will make the experience that professional competence and objective debate alone do not lead to the goal. Some processes are experienced as decidedly unproductive or frustrating. Lack of understanding, anger and other bad feelings can rob us of a lot of energy. However, it is also experienced that difficult situations can be mastered by grasping situations,    skilful communication and power-conscious action. With the organisation-theoretical concept of micropolitics, we can systematically understand manifestations of the everyday construction and use of power in organisations.


The content offers the opportunity to reflect on power processes in one's own environment as well as one's own roles in micropolitical games on the basis of a theoretical approach. You will become familiar with helpful concepts of micropolitical theory and be able to recognize and classify micropolitical games in the system context. They will receive suggestions for reflecting on   their own roles, scope for action and their own development possibilities with regard to micropolitical competence. Before the lecture, participants will be given a reflection exercise to get them in the mood for the topic. Afterwards, references to further literature will be provided.

Room/location:  Access data for the online room will be provided shortly before the start of the event.


Dr. Veronika Fuest is a certified consultant (systemic transactional analysis) and trainer. Extensive experience in science: multidisciplinary academic qualifications, involvement in collaborative research projects of various scientific institutions as well as own research including actor and institutional analyses in the field of science; in science management internal consulting and process moderation as well as supervision of ombudsman matters; academic teaching (including political anthropology). In addition, experience in development cooperation and activities as an expert for BMBF, DFG and Volkswagen Foundation.

Datum/Zeit 25.11.2021 12:00-14:00 Uhr
Ort Online

VeranstalterPersonalentwicklung für Beschäftigte in der Wissenschaft | Hannah Jacobmeyer
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Referent*inDr. Veronika Fuest
Coaching, Beratung, Supervision

Zielgruppe Alle Lehrenden, Habilitierende, Juniorprofessorinnen und -professoren, Postdocs, Promovierende, Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler
Anmeldebeginn 12.10.2021 15:42 Uhr
Anmeldeschluss 23.11.2021 22:00 Uhr
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