"Leuphana Laboratories" are taking shape

Lab manager Meikel Soliman reports


The "Leuphana Laboratories" are an interdisciplinary and cross-faculty project. All colleagues are invited to carry out their teaching research projects, experimental internships, empirical term papers and theses or other studies.

The "Leuphana Laboratories" are located on the 4th floor of the central building and consist of about 10 research rooms. Currently there are already two computer labs equipped with laptops and PCs, an eye-tracking lab, a psycho-physiological lab with blood pressure and pulse measurement, a digital solution workshop and an emotion face reader lab. To further develop the "Leuphana Laboratories", additional interaction laboratories, one-way mirror observation rooms and a virtual reality/augmented reality laboratory are planned, among other things.

Unfortunately, due to the current corona pandemic, the laboratory rooms are only conditionally usable. Digital alternatives for research implementation and short instructional materials are in progress. These will probably be available in the near future on a separate website of the "Leuphana Laboratories". A hygiene concept is being drawn up to enable the rooms to be used at least in part.

Contact persons are lab manager Meikel Soliman (meikel.soliman@leuphana.de) and David Loschelder (david.loschelder@leuphana.de).