Advanced Training in European and International Law : Certificate Programme

Advanced training for lawyers at LL.M. level

NOTE: The European and International Law certificate is no longer offered. At the Professional School, however, you will find other interesting certificate offers in the field of law. To the law certificates

The the two-semester certificate programme comprises 3 modules, each worth 5 credit points. The European and International Law module explores fundamental aspects of European law, WTO law and international law. There is also an introduction to the two most important fields of European business law, competition law and regulation law.

Continuing education Competition Law: Contents

Your continuing education Competition Law comprises a total of 3 modules from the Competition & Regulation LL.M. :

  • European and International Law (5 CP)
  • Competition Law (5 CP)
  • Regulation (5 CP)
Continuing education European and International Law ©Leuphana/Patrizia Jäger
Continuing education European and International Law

Continuing Education Practices of European and International Law: Online Learning

Further education European and International Law in online study format

You complete the two-semester certificate program online, with some events taking place as live online seminars. The online concept is complemented by our digital learning platform, which always provides up-to-date information and learning materials. This gives you full flexibility during your studies.

The graduation option for your European and International Law continuing education

You can choose whether you want to take exams as part of the European and International Law certificate program and thus obtain the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) and proof of 15 credit points at the end. You can have these credited towards a suitable course of study at universities.

You can also attend the European and International Law course without taking any exams and will receive a certificate of attendance at the end. Please note that in this case no credit points are acquired.

Good reasons for the certificate programme

  • continuning law training at LL.M. level
  • detailed presentation of the context of European and International Law
  • only two semester duration
  • small groups and active online learning concept