Visions of housing - How homeless and managers share tiny spaces

Talk between Van Bo Le-Mentzel and Candela Villalonga
Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2020 | 18:30-20:00 | C 40.704

Let’s talk about Tiny House Lifestyle! There will be the Tiny Houser Candela Villalonga and architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel. Together they will talk about the potential of Tiny Spaces for the Cities of the Future. How could the future of housing look like? And how is it connected to the Wealth of Europe? 


Van Bo Le Mentzel:

„Van Bo Le Mentzel, Architekt“
Van Bo Le Mentzel ©Van Bo Le-Mentzel

Van Bo Le-Mentzel was born in Laos in 1977. He and his parents came to Germany in 1979 and he grew up in Berlin-Wedding. He was a rapper and graffiti artist and studied architecture at the Beuth Hochschule of technology. He became famous for the development of Hartz IV furniture for self-building. In the category Knowledge he was awarded with the "ZEIT Wissen-Preis Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit". Van Bo Le-Mentzel is a popular speaker and inspires many people and projects with his ideas. Van Bo lives with his family in Berlin.
Author of "Hartz IV Mö (2012, Hatje Cantz) and "Der Kleine Professor" (2018, Ecowin).

Candela Villalonga Zalazar:

„Candela Villalonga Zalazar, Politikwissenschaftlerin“
Candela Villalonga Zalazar ©Candela Villalonga Zalazar

27 years old. Argentinean. Political Scientist. Nowadays she works as English and Spanish teacher for kids in Berlin, which she enjoys very much. Back in Argentina she worked in the Senate as a Referent, as 3rd grade English teacher, in an advertising agency developing political campaigns, assisted an art gallery for a while, as translator for the Turkish Film Festival and in a digital newspaper as well. She is very creative and always likes to try new things. She has also written about Women's rights in Argentina and right now she is seeking alternative and more sustainable ways of living.