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Results Reports

In the course evaluation (LVE), the open answers are taken over in the original wording. Names, unobjective and non-anonymous statements as well as insults are removed. Subsequently, i.e. usually about 10 days after receiving the completed questionaires, the individual result reports are sent directly by e-mail to the teacher (in the case of a joint evaluation to all teachers). In the peak phase, i.e. shortly before the end of lectures as well as at the beginning of the lecture-free period, the data evaluation can also take longer.

The following three report formats are available:

The detailed results report contains all results in a clear form - with descriptive tables, graphics and explanations. With the help of the presentation template "EDi - Evaluation in Dialogue" in PowerPoint format, the results can be conveniently presented and discussed in a course session. The poster offers a brief presentation of the most important core results on two pages, which can be published e.g. via moodle or in the material container in myStudy. In addition, by hanging this notice in the corridor of your office as a teacher, you can show your openness and your motivation for dialogue about your own teaching.

Reporting of results to the students

The results should be discussed with students extensively and in person (cf. LVE Rules & Quality Agreements). During registration, and later on in the Evaluation Account, you can select how students should automatically receive the results.

We can set up the following automatic student results report options for you:

  • by email
  • on the course website in myStudy (under Information -> Course details -> Evaluation)
  • on your lecturer profile page in myStudy
  • by entering a discussion date in myStudy (in seminar schedule and under Information -> Course details -> Evaluation).

Leuphana Teaching Evaluation does not pass on the results to supervisors such as the course convenor or the Presidential Committee. We only send the results directly to the course lecturers.

Evaluation Account

myStudy gives you access to an overview of all the courses that you have evaluated and registered so far, and this is also where you can view your results at any time. In addition, you can edit your contact details in your User Account and change the result feedback options where necessary. Your Evaluation Account is saved under: myStudy → Admin → Evaluation Account.

Results Interpretation

Course evaluation (LVE) is an important component of quality management at Leuphana University. The aim is to establish a university-wide feedback culture where LVE and intensive and extensive in-person discussions of results with the students become an everyday part of teaching. This allows lecturers to respond to questions and to counteract any problems directly and to offer possible solutions. At the same time, students understand the meaning and see the effects of the LVE so that “evaluation fatigue” can be prevented. The poster summarising the benefits of LVE gives you an idea of the many positive effects. 

We believe that self-reflection and empathy are a key condition enabling lecturers as well as students to get to know each other and themselves better by giving and receiving feedback, while also broadening their perspective and room for action. Through systematic feedback on the specific strengths and weaknesses of the course, possible improvements for the course and the specific teaching can be developed in accordance with the students and their needs. This offers the opportunity to continuously expand teaching competence.

Leuphana Teaching Service

The Leuphana Teaching Service team can offer you helpful tips for individual and departmental follow-up and further development measures. It can e.g. provide you with information about how to compile your individual teaching portfolio, receive advice from colleagues, coaching, observations and topic-specific workshops. Your contact is Dipl.-Soz. Anke Brehl (email: anke.brehl@leuphana.de; Tel. 04131.677-2978).

Aggregated Results Reports & Quality Circle

At the end of each semester, the LVEs for each degree programme and area are summarised in aggregated results reports. This is then made available to the programme convenors to further development studies and teaching. 

This is followed by Quality Circles at which participants are e.g. given the opportunity to discuss problems and measures together based on the aggregated results reports provided.

In-Person Advice

If you as a lecturer have any questions relating to your individual results, want help categorising them or want to discuss how to constructively and effectively apply the reports, please contact Kirsten Mülheims, LVE coordinator, who will give you confidential advice (for contact details, see below). 

We also offer workshops and advice for degree programmes and areas. Please do not hesitate to contact Kirsten Mülheims as the LVE result contact, e.g. in the context of preparing and holding the Quality Circle, for instance in order to deduce findings and measures or to help with the results presentation.

The Leuphana Course Evaluation Team

Head of Evaluation & Feedback

Dr. Kirsten Mülheims
Universitätsallee 1, C7.312
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2244

LVE Consultant

Ina Pidun
Universitätsallee 1, C7.316
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2983


Fon +49.4131.677-2243

Office hours

The hotline is not staffed during the semester break.
From 14.10.2024 we will be available again by telephone and ask until then to contact us via the e-mail address below.

email address

For the registration, processing and evaluation of your LVE, please contact: leva@leuphana.de

Student assistants

Louisa Cvitkovic

Jooke Patent

Cedric Piffl

Nele Reimers

Lotta Kirchner