LVE Rules

The comprehensive "Code of Conduct by the Presidential Committee to Safeguard Quality in Studies and Teaching"(see Item [2] of Section 3.1 of Gazette 02/15) e.g. outlines the procedure of teaching evaluations (LVE and system surveys) in greater detail to integrate them into quality management at Leuphana University.  

The most important features and prerequisites of LVE at Leuphana University are stipulated in the "Regulations governing the Performance of Teaching Evaluations" (Item 6 of Gazette 07/10). This contains information about binding objectives and LVE performance.

The key points of the LVE Rules are:

    • Every lecturer must evaluate at least one course per teaching year.
    • Students are informed of the results of each evaluation and are given the opportunity to discuss these during the teaching period.
    • The LVE results are intended to promote further development of teaching at an individual level (e.g. revision of teaching concepts, improvement of teaching competences).
    • Leuphana University will compile framework conditions for the relevant development measures (e.g. expansion of university didactics training).


Quality standards

In addition to the Evaluation Rules, Quality Standards are also agreed with temporary teaching staff, e.g. outlining their obligation to participate in LVE and including an extensive in-person results discussion with the students. Find out more here (only in German). 

Lecturers at the Professional School also conclude contracts obligating them to evaluate all courses and setting out an internal transfer of the results. Your contact is Annika Melles (; Tel. 04131.677-2942).


Fon +49.4131.677-2401).

The Leuphana Course Evaluation Team

Head of Evaluation & Feedback

Dr. Kirsten Mülheims
Universitätsallee 1, C7.312
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2244

LVE Consultant

Ina Pidun
Universitätsallee 1, C7.316
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2983


Fon +49.4131.677-2243

Office hours

Wed. 12:00 to 14:00
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email address

For the registration, processing and evaluation of your LVE, please contact:

Student assistants

Louisa Cvitkovic

Jooke Patent

Cedric Piffl

Nele Reimers

Lotta Kirchner