Consultation and Examination through the Internal Auditing Office

The Internal Auditing Office provides the President with information about the suitability and effectiveness of internal control systems and risk management, as well as the quality and fulfillment of prescribed assignments and goals. Additionally, the office also supports the work of managers and employees in the schools, faculties, institutes, departments and facilities it advises and examines.

The Internal Auditing Office makes sure that the principles of economy and efficiency are maintained. The office serves as a specialized instrument for university administration to deploy as a component within its model of corporate supervision. Furthermore, the office helps prepare the annual audit report and other external audits. It is also active in preventing and combating corruption.

A further activity of the office focuses on taxes. The tax implications of university policy are evaluated so that determinations regarding the tax consequences of university policy can be made.



  • Lars Pöppel


  • Thomas Schlüter