Quality Circle

What are Quality Circles?

Quality circles are a central instrument for the further development of studies and teaching at Leuphana University. Students and lecturers usually meet once a year to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the programme with the programme officer and other lecturers.

The Quality Circle is conceived as a low-threshold feedback instrument and is intended to bring together students and teachers in order to jointly develop a study programme further and / or to advise on current problems.

The so-called teaching reports document the results of the quality circle and the resulting measures for the further development of the study programme. In the next quality circle, those responsible report on the status of the agreed measures.

Relevant material on the instrument Quality Circle

Invitation and Dates for the next Quality Circles

The invitation to the quality circles of the various study programmes is made via the news lists in myStudy. All students of the respective program are welcome to join the quality circles. It is not a committee for which the participants have to be elected. Take advantage of this uncomplicated opportunity to give constructive feedback to those responsible for your programme.

The dates for the next quality circles can be found on myStudy:

→ additional offers (without CP) → Quality Circle

In the Professional School, appointments are announced via moodle.