Feedback with Shift!

Shift! provides you with a qualitative feedback format for teaching.

Teachers and students enter into a dialogue on the teaching-learning situation in a course with the support of an external moderator, give each other feedback and take joint responsibility for successful teaching and learning. Shift! creates an opportunity for students and teachers to communicate directly about the conditions for success in a course. This supports both a change of perspective and transparency regarding goals and resources.

Shift! can be used sensibly in situations where teachers and students

  • want to give or receive feedback on their concrete teaching or learning behaviour,
  • want to stimulate an open discourse and reflect on themselves and the situation,
  • want to strengthen the teaching-learning relationship between teachers and students
  • want to discuss and solve conflicts

We offer Shift! online via Zoom or in a presence format.

Shift! is an additional offer to the mainly quantificational course evaluation via questionnaire (LVE). The requirements of the evaluation regulations and quality assurance remain unchanged. Participation is voluntary and free of charge.


We recommend that you conduct Shift! in the middle of the semester so that you can still implement the ideas discussed during the course. If you are interested in an external moderation, teachers as well as students can register their wish for a Shift! moderation at at any time. Please provide the following information when registering:

  •  the title of your event,
  •  the approximate group size,
  •  the seminar language and
  •  the date you would like Shift! to take place at your course.

Please register early, as the available capacities are limited.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.



After registering for the format, one of our facilitators will contact the teacher and make an appointment for a short preliminary discussion to clarify our concerns and your expectations.

In parallel, the student moderator gives the students of the event the opportunity to bring their concerns for the Shift! session into the planning.


The feedback session takes about 45-60 minutes. Our team of moderators usually consists of a tandem of a regular and a student staff member from teaching service or Team Q.

The process is divided into four sections:

  1. presentation of the qualitative feedback format Shift!
  2. processing of the previously agreed guiding questions in small groups
  3. discussion in the plenum
  4. joint agreement on further cooperation and development of the course


At the end of Shift! the teacher receives a short report. This documents guiding questions, discussion results and the agreement reached. The teacher also receives a certificate of participation.


Dipl. Soz. Anke Brehl
Universitätsallee 1, C7.406
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2978


Anke Brehl
Teaching Service
Consultant for Teaching Development
Shift! Moderator and Coordinator

Dr. Kirsten Mülheims
Team Q
Head of Evaluation & Feedback
Shift! Moderator and Coordinator

Dr. Judith Gurr
Teaching Service
Consultant for Teaching and Blended Learning
Shift! Moderator

Dr. Ina Cramer
Team Q
DigiTaL Consultant
Shift! Moderator

Ina Pidun
Team Q
LVE Consultant
Shift! Moderator

Gesche Keding
Leuphana College
Consultant for Teaching Development
Shift! Moderator



You have decided to use Shift! or have questions about the topic? Feel free to contact us at the functional address given.

stud. Moderators

Malte Harlapp
Administration, stud. Moderator

Melanie André
Development, stud. Moderator

Marina Hadrys
stud. Moderator (Team Q)

Lina Körber
stud. Moderator (Team Q)

Cedric Piffl
stud. Moderator (Team Q)



Are you having a Shift! Moderation is coming up and you want to give us ideas and suggestions beforehand? We have set up the address above for this purpose. We will treat your enquiries confidentially.