Programme Committees

At Leuphana, independent programme advisory boards1 are established for all study programmes and transversal study programme elements. External experts from science and the labour market as well as alumni of the university support the university in the further development of the study programmes.

The programme advisory boards take on two tasks:

  • They advise the programme officers on the further development of the content of the study programmes.
  •  As part of an internal university review process (control cycle for the development of study programmes), they review the programme documentation and issue a statement on it.

A programme advisory board is appointed for five years and usually consists of at least four and no more than six external members:

  • at least two members from Science & Research
  • at least one member from professional practice
  • at least one internal or external student member.

As critical friends, the members of the programme advisory boards represent a critical position and confront those responsible with their external view. Through their committed and critical examination, the external experts make a central contribution to the further development of the study programmes.

For employees of Leuphana, forms and specifications for the programme advisory boards are available on the intranet.

1The following exclusion criteria apply in order to ensure the independence of the members of programme advisory boards. Compliance with these criteria is checked by Team Q as part of the nomination process. After completion of the examination, Team Q makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee for the appointment of the Advisory Board members.

Exclusion criteria for members of programme advisory boards from science & research and professional practice:
   - Membership, application (for professorship) or teaching positions at Leuphana University and associated institutions in the last three years.
   - Supervision relationship (doctorate or habilitation) with programme officer, dean of studies or full-time lecturer of the study programme in the last three years.

Exclusion criteria for external student members of programme advisory boards:
   - Current supervision ratio (Bachelor's or Master's thesis, doctorate) with programme officer or Dean of Studies in the study programme.
   - Financial dependency (e.g. activity as student assistant, scholarship) on subject coordinator, full-time lecturer of the study programme, or
       Dean of Studies.

Contact Person

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