Digital Transformation

Society and the economy are currently undergoing a dramatic change that is frequently summed up as "digitalisation". In addition to the mega-trends in the world of IT (big data, the cloud, the Internet of Things, mobile and social media), it is above all consumers' and citizens' changing patterns of use and new opportunities to increase both efficiency and the level of automation that are leading to changes in businesses and for other stakeholders in society. The major international companies in the digital economy and innovative start-ups are continuously developing new business models, challenging businesses and organisations in many different sectors. Certain areas of the public sector are also experiencing change as a result of increasing digitalisation. Work in this field empirically investigates and reflects on the changes taking place in businesses. The insights gained are taken as the basis for developing new concepts for responsible change management. The focus is also on developing innovative methods and systems and translating these into practice together with the concepts.

Research focuses:

  • Management of digital transformation
  • Sectors in digital transformation
  • Stakeholders and regulation of digital transformation
  • Technologies and methods of digital transformation

Coordination and contact

  • Prof. Dr. Paul Drews