The finance office is responsible for Leuphana's integrated financial and resource management.

The coordination and implementation of the annual budget process on the basis of mid-range financial and development planning (MFEP) constitutes their primary responsibility. Among their other diverse areas of responsibility are financial accounting, management accounting including the processing of third party funds and liquidity monitoring, the organizational structure and payroll accounting and accounting of duty travel and purchasing.

The finance office directs or oversees various measures that entail streamlining and standardizing of processes, systems and reporting procedures. Their goal is to set standards and to advise the different units of the university on their implementation.

Responsibilities and contact

University members can find further information, important downloads and further contact partners on the intranet.


  • Dr. Sascha Ludenia

Deputy Head: Sylvia Kirschstein

External Accounting

  • Jennifer Wesa

Internal Accounting

  • Sylvia Kirschstein


  • Kerstin Lödding